The University of Jordan News UJ President Inaugurates 9th E- Learning...
  • 21 - Apr
  • 2024

UJ President Inaugurates 9th E- Learning Conference

​The University of Jordan (UJ) President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, has urged for governance over Artificial Intelligence (AI), stressing its potential impact on education and the labor market. Speaking at the opening of the 9th season of the E-Learning Conference, themed "Artificial Intelligence and Educational Change: Inevitable Changes, Realistic Implications," Obeidat emphasized the need for Jordanian universities to produce graduates equipped for the local and global job markets.

Obeidat highlighted the university's efforts to develop relevant programs that prepare students for leadership roles in a rapidly evolving world, emphasizing the importance of embracing technological advancements while preserving cultural values and principles.

He called for educational institutions to take courageous steps towards real transformation and enhancement of sustainability and innovation. Obeidat emphasized the necessity of creating new governance models to foster innovative partnerships with civil society and the private sector, led by a generation capable of utilizing new technologies, including AI, responsibly.

Obeidat underscored the importance of balanced perspectives and clear legislation to ensure the ethical use of AI, promoting justice, equality, and prosperity. He asserted that possessing power, technology, creativity, and innovation would make the world acknowledge and respect our capabilities, deterring aggression towards our nations.

Additionally, Akram Abdel Qader, Director of Al-Hasad Schools, discussed AI's potential to enhance education quality through personalized learning experiences and improved assessment methods.

The conference tackled various aspects of AI, including its impact on employment, required skills for the workforce, and the ethical considerations surrounding its implementation. Moreover, International AI expert Dr. Emad Shahab raised questions about the future of AI and the evolving nature of the job market, emphasizing the importance of readiness for new challenges and skill competition.

Over two days, conference sessions will explore the future of professions, employment opportunities in the AI era, recent developments in AI, its ethical considerations, and associated platforms and applications.