The University of Jordan News UJ School of Medicine Unveils its 6th Newsletter
  • 14 - Apr
  • 2024

UJ School of Medicine Unveils its 6th Newsletter

​The School of Medicine at the University of Jordan (UJ) presents the latest edition of its newsletter, now with a new look.

This monthly publication is dedicated to showcasing the most significant developments, scientific breakthroughs, and academic news within the school.

It serves as a platform to highlight the ongoing research activities, as well as to recognize the achievements of faculty members, administrative staff, students, and alumni. Moreover, it features noteworthy contributions from promising students.

We invite everyone to explore into the pages of our newsletter and discover the vibrant world of medical education and research at UJ. Your contributions, opinions, and feedback are highly valued, and we encourage you to share them with us.

Please send your suggestions to the following email address:

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6th Newsletter