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  • 29 - Feb
  • 2024

UJ, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University Sign MoU

​The University of Jordan (UJ) President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, and President of RAK Medical and Health Sciences University, Prof. Ismael Ibrahim Matalqa, signed a memorandum of understanding to establish cooperation between the two universities.

According to the memorandum, joint cooperative activities will be developed in areas of mutual academic interest. This includes the exchange of faculty members and researchers for teaching, lecturing, and conducting scientific research. It also involves sharing experiences and exchanging students, undertaking joint research projects, and jointly organizing workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Obeidat emphasized UJ's commitment to developing collaborative relationships and cooperation in all scientific and research fields with RAK Medical and Health Sciences University.

He expressed the university's willingness to collaborate across various areas, particularly in student training, exchange of experiences, faculty visits, and the completion of joint practical research in medical fields.

RAK Medical and Health Sciences University is the first comprehensive health sciences university in the UAE, and one of the leading medical and health sciences universities in the region.