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  • 14 - Jan
  • 2024

Jordanian Female Parliamentarians Forum Explores Collaborative Opportunities at Women's Studies Center

​Chairperson of the Jordanian Female Parliamentarians Forum, MP Asmaa Al-Rawahneh, expressed her admiration for the academic and research excellence of the Women's Studies Center at the University of Jordan (UJ).

The purpose of the visit was to gain insights into the services and programs offered by the center and to explore potential avenues for cooperation and collaboration.

During the visit, Al-Rawahneh underscored the political standing of Jordanian women. She emphasized that addressing women's political participation requires a participatory approach, aligning with the findings of various studies, including those conducted by the Women's Studies Center.

Center's Director, Prof. Amal Al-Awawdeh, provided a comprehensive overview of the center, outlining its goals, aspirations, and ongoing initiatives. She also detailed the Master's program in Women's Studies, along with the research and academic activities conducted by the center.

Al-Awawdeh emphasized the center's research focus areas, highlighting significant outcomes related to women's political participation. She also showcased success stories and addressed challenges faced by women in the public sphere.

In conclusion, both parties agreed to organize seminars to discuss study results, aiming to leverage them in addressing issues and obstacles encountered by women in public spaces. This agreement reflects a commitment to enhancing collaborative efforts between the Jordanian Female Parliamentarians Forum and the Women's Studies Center.