The University of Jordan News Unprecedented Leap: UJ Advances to 368th...
  • 05 - Jun
  • 2024

Unprecedented Leap: UJ Advances to 368th Position Globally in QS World University Rankings

​In an unprecedented development, the University of Jordan (UJ) has secured its highest ever position in QS World University Rankings 2025, ranking 368th globally.

UJ President Prof. Nathir Obeidat expressed his warm congratulations on this attainment, dedicating this achievement to His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, and all Jordanians. He emphasized that this achievement reflects the university's progress and enhances its position among leading global universities, placing it prominently among over 40,000 universities worldwide.

Obeidat stated that UJ made doubled efforts after entering the top 500 global universities list for the first time in 2024, not only to maintain this achievement but also to lead a series of strategic operations, resulting in advancing to the 368th position globally in the 2025 edition.

He added that, by this milestone, the university has summarized a history of Jordanian perseverance and passion for science and knowledge, and the belief of King Hussein, founder of modern Jordan, that an educated and dedicated individual is our greatest asset.

According to performance standards and indicators, UJ has made progress in all areas. In academic reputation, the university ranked 268th globally, advancing 29 places from last year. The university also saw significant improvement in research impact, with a 92-place rise in the international research impact index measured by the number of scientific research citations.

In terms of employment reputation, the university ranked 197th globally, advancing 53 places from last year. The university also showed notable progress in the graduate employability and impact index, ranking 110th globally, a jump of 153 places. Regarding the percentage of international students, the university advanced 54 places to 331st globally. Additionally, the university made progress in the sustainable development index, advancing 89 places to rank 371st globally.

Obeidat restated his pride in the achievements, noting that reaching this level is the result of accumulated efforts and collective work by the university's administration, faculty, researchers, staff, students, and alumni, aimed at improving the quality of academic programs, research, and the university environment, and meeting global ranking standards.

Moreover, Obeidat explained that the UJ's strategic plan focuses on enhancing its academic reputation by recruiting the best faculty members, developing pioneering programs, and equipping graduates with general and specific skills that promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

He also emphasized the importance of establishing effective partnerships with the business, industry, and financial sectors to transfer ideas and bridge the gap between education and market needs at local, regional, and global levels. In this regard, Obeidat noted that this achievement would not have been possible without the continuous support of the Jordanian government for the higher education sector.