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  • 02 - Jun
  • 2024

Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh Patronizes UJ's First Honorary Professors Forum

​Prime Minister, Bisher Khasawneh patronized on Saturday attended the University of Jordan (UJ)'s Honorary Professors Forum, organized by the UJ on the occasion of the silver jubilee of His Majesty King Abdullah II's assumption of his constitutional powers.

In a speech during the opening ceremony, Khasawneh said, "We consider the University of Jordan's forum and its honorary professors, who are distinguished scientists and academics working in prestigious international academic institutions, an opportunity for the UJ and all our universities to find new ways to achieve progress in global rankings and achieve international accreditation."

Khasawneh paid tribute to the honorary professors hosted by the UJ in this important forum, who were chosen "to help and support the university, and give it wisdom, strength and advice, with which the University of Jordan would build a new pillar in its solid foundations and prove its internationality and strength, as the Hashemites wanted it to be a strong establishment that reflects a bright image of the fabric of this country."

He added: "This forum is an opportunity for the University of Jordan and its cadres to meet with this elite group of scientists, researchers and academics, to learn about the experiences of others in scientific research, teaching, creativity and innovation, so that universities can participate in transforming ideas into material that leads to innovation and knowledge production capable of improving levels of economic growth."

The Prime Minister lauded the University of Jordan's achievements and progress in global rankings and international accreditations, rehabilitating classrooms, focusing on linguistic and soft skills, digital skills, and courses to prepare for the labor market and employment.

He stressed that "this beautiful planting, whose foundation was laid by the late King Hussein bin Talal - may God rest his soul - and enhanced by His Majesty King Abdullah II, gave the University of Jordan beauty and brilliance, until it became one of the best universities in the world, as classified and ranked by international institutions."

In his remarks, UJ President Prof. Nathir Obeidat, stated that universities are no longer able to keep pace with reality. Therefore, it was imperative for them to review their programs so that students do not become lost between their academic knowledge and the demands of the job markets.

Obeidat emphasized that the world has changed and is witnessing geopolitical fluctuations that are no longer understandable in many situations and positions. He pointed out that killing, destruction, and starvation have sometimes entered the list of acceptable actions as long as they served certain goals.

He added that UJ is currently reconsidering its programs to turn a new leaf, and for this purpose, it held the first forum for honorary professors to share their notions and experiences. The goal is for our programs to be capable of reshaping students to become creative, innovative, and productive individuals.

Obeidat urged university professors and school teachers to adapt in order to remain effective and capable of continuing and surviving. He highlighted that, in order to address future challenges, the university executed its largest scholarship program in history and upgraded its infrastructure through an ambitious program to modernize its classrooms to become smart and capable of keeping up with change.

He expressed gratitude for the continuous and unwavering support from the Prime Ministry and government members for the University of Jordan, acknowledging their significant role in making tough decisions, drawing strength and determination from His Majesty the King and His Crown Prince.

In his speech, Obeidat noted that King Hussein, with his broad vision, aimed sixty-nine years ago to plant knowledge and wisdom in this land, to create thoughtful citizens. These trees have grown and flourished until minds and knowledge matured, symbolizing the state of Jordan, whose foundations were completed by four kings from the noble Hashemite family.

He emphasized that the university had to strive to encapsulate a history of Jordanians' patience and passion for knowledge, and King Hussein's belief that an educated and devoted individual is our greatest asset. He described it as a dream that became a reality, a strong Jordanian fortress, and its name resonates worldwide as one of the best universities according to all global rankings, highlighting the importance of the role of honorary professors and their presence today.