The University of Jordan News Deanship of Student Affairs Holds Seminar...
  • 17 - Aug
  • 2023

Deanship of Student Affairs Holds Seminar on Campus Violence

​The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Jordan (UJ) organized a seminar on campus violence, addressing its legal, psychological, social, and security aspects.

The seminar, which was moderated by Dean of Student Affairs Prof. Ismail Al-Ziyoud, featured Professor of Sociology Majd Aldeen Khamesh, Professor of Psychology Yousef Abu Hmeidan, Lawyer Rania Diab and Professor of Law Ahmad Qaba'a as speakers.

The speakers highlighted campus violence as an extension to social violence, and role of media in contributing to the exacerbation of this phenomenon. They also emphasized the responsibility of educational institutions in raising awareness and changing the mindset of youth who are accused of committing violence acts.

Moreover, they spoke of the role of student-professor relationship in the combat against this phenomenon, and the need to educate students about the penal code and legal insights adopted by the university and the Deanship in concern to this issue.