The University of Jordan News UJ's Student Union Elections Proceeds Smoothly...
  • 21 - May
  • 2024

UJ's Student Union Elections Proceeds Smoothly

​The University of Jordan (UJ) students began casting their votes to choose their representatives at the student union council since the morning, noting that 48,286 students are eligible to vote.

"The University of Jordan is committed to advancing the democratic process in Jordan and expanding student participation, considering students as future leaders capable of bringing about positive change," UJ President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, said.

The number of candidate lists at the school level reached 135 lists, in addition to 6 lists running at the university level. The number of student candidates within school lists reached 593, compared to 92 student candidates within university-level lists, making a total of 685 student candidates, comprising 416 males and 269 females.

The University had previously announced its readiness to conduct the student union council elections scheduled for today, Tuesday, emphasizing its objective stance towards all its students and the running lists.

UJ's administration expressed confidence in the awareness and responsibility of the students, urging them to actively participate in selected their union with a spirit of fair competition so as to serve them in manner befitting of them.