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  • 04 - Feb
  • 2024

UJ President Calls for Comprehensive National Education Strategy Aligning with Societal Needs, Connecting to Industry, and Cultivating Inspirational Teachers

​The national forum on general education, higher education, and vocational training took place in Amman on Saturday under the theme: "Jordan's Education System: Reality and Aspirations". The event is organized by the Jasmine Foundation in strategic partnership with the University of Jordan (UJ) and patronized by Former Prime Minister, Prof. Adnan Badran.

During his inauguration speech, Badran emphasized the need for an integrated learning system that combines e-learning with face-to-face education. He stressed the restructuring of education to shift from rote learning to building creative thinking and intelligence. This requires teacher training using programmed media, big data, and a qualified educational platform for synchronous and asynchronous learning, contributing to distance learning and lifelong learning.

UJ President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, highlighted the importance of education beyond textbooks, emphasizing the need for curricula that go beyond intellect measurements. He stressed that educational reforms should align with industry and modern society. He called for responsibility within families to instill knowledge and values in children, and for the community to contribute to education by instilling values, knowledge, and ethics. He emphasized teaching students the importance of the homeland and its significance.

Prof. Mohieddin Touq, Director of the National Center for Curriculum Development, discussed ongoing curriculum development efforts and collaboration with the Ministry of Education to enhance and develop educational directorates. He clarified that teacher training is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.

The Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Universities, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, highlighted the disparities in the quality of education among Arab universities and stressed the role of universities in economic growth and sustainable development. He outlined projects undertaken by the Union, such as the Arab Impact Factor Laboratories and the Arab Research Fund.

The conference, attended by various universities and educational entities, explores research papers on Jordan's education system, its challenges, and future directions. Notable figures, including former ministers and academic leaders, contribute to discussions on the country's educational landscape.