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  • 25 - Jan
  • 2024

UJ President Meets with Dean and Staff of the School of Nursing

​The University of Jordan (UJ) President Prof. Nathir Obeidat, on Tuesday, held a meeting with the Dean and staff of the School of Nursing.

Commencing the session, Prof. Areej Othman, Dean of the School, extended a warm welcome to the president and his deputies, emphasizing that this gathering reflects the university's commitment to fostering effective communication between administrators and staff.

She added that the primary objective is to comprehend the school's needs and challenges, offer suggestions, and provide the necessary support for ongoing development and dedicated service to the university and the nation.

Obeidat expressed his admiration for the School of Nursing's notable achievements in international rankings, acknowledging the exemplary competencies of its faculty members, commending their dedication, strength, patience, and firm belief in their work.

During the dynamic meeting, Obeidat explained a comprehensive plan to send outstanding students from diverse schools for Master's and doctoral degrees to renowned international universities. He highlighted the university's initiative to enhance infrastructure, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to upgrade classrooms and auditoriums. This initiative aims to create an environment favorable to e-learning, referring to underway efforts to fortify internet networks and rehabilitate health facilities.

Moreover, Obeidat underscored the importance of concerted efforts to realize the university's goals. He expressed his optimism for continued cooperation and productive collaboration, envisioning the ongoing development of the university's work and the attainment of leadership, creativity, and excellence.

In conclusion, the meeting saw an open discussion between Obeidat and the staff, fostering an atmosphere of open communication and mutual understanding.