The University of Jordan News President's message on the occasion of launching...
  • 18 - Apr
  • 2023

President's message on the occasion of launching the University of Jordan's strategic plan 2022-2027

​​With the declaration of the strategic plan of the University of Jordan for the next five years, and with the beginning of a new era for the university, it is crucial to emphasise the fact that the University of Jordan was and will remain a source of ideas and solutions capable of making a difference represented in enhancing the well-being of the individual and the group, and contributing to the modernization of our Jordanian society.

In the next five years, we have to chart the path that we, Jordanians and our leadership want for the University of Jordan. University education began with the University of Jordan, and higher education continues with it in its new form that keeps pace with all the geopolitical changes and the massive technological revolution.

We are proud of all that has been accomplished at the University, but the rapid pace of world change requires us to reform higher education in Jordan, so as to move forward and not to lag behind others.

And hereby the University of Jordan announces its new plan (2022-2027), which was drafted by students, faculty members, employees, members of the Deans’ Council, alumni, and community members, to receive the blessing and approval of the University’s Board of Trustees.

The new plan is built on the University’s previous successes. The University, which enjoys a distinguished reputation in providing our region with business leaders, health care providers, and innovators from various specialisations, always stresses the need to continue to grow, develop and innovate.

And since knowledge is the foundation of development and progress of societies, the University of Jordan realises that knowledge and its applications must follow a variety of paths, taking into account the needs of the Jordanian society and the moral legacy that Jordanians have carried generation after generation.

In its new strategic plan, the University of Jordan focuses on increasing the impact of each of scientific research and educational programs, intending to create new directions that would emphasise the integration of the values ​​of devotion, ethics, transparency, and civic responsibility in those programs, with an emphasis on the need for the University to establish effective partnerships with business, industry and stakeholders, providing the opportunity to transfer ideas to a broader horizon that allows interaction with partners outside the walls of universities and exchange of knowledge, as well as providing hope to narrow the gap between academia and research, and delivering the needs of the society locally, regionally and globally.

The strategic plan focuses on our academic and research programs and how to manage the university campus keeping in mind the growing climate threats, which require us to reorganise and expand programs to achieve the desired influence. These require creating new programs and policies that embrace academic inspiration to ensure scientific and research production that holds a new critical understanding for the existing links between the natural laws of science and human societies, which necessitates the launch of scholarships, grants and employment programs to create teaching and research faculty capable of understanding the new reality and its requirements that bear the greatest challenges and the fastest changes that the world has witnessed, perhaps through the ages.

The University must also realise the urgent need to develop the university campus, by improving the various university facilities, and ensuring a safe, sustainable and attractive university environment. We note that this plan takes into account the great technological revolution, which requires us to develop plans and policies that lead towards automating all university's procedures and operations, including administrative, financial, and academic and research operations, as part of the university's digital transformation project, without ignoring the economic, social and humanitarian repercussions of such a transformation.

In order to achieve all of that, the University must work to consolidate the principles of justice, equality and equal opportunities for its students, professors and employees, so that the University becomes a model for all the institutions of the country to follow, and in a manner that keeps pace with the royal directives in its quest for political and economic modernization and administrative reform, which began and continues with royal directives.


Nathir Obeidat

President of the University of Jordan