The University of Jordan News Panel Discusses Diplomatic Role of Women...
  • 22 - Mar
  • 2023

Panel Discusses Diplomatic Role of Women in Jordan

​As part of its celebrations on International Women's Day, the Women's Studies Center at the University of Jordan (UJ) organized in cooperation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, a panel entitled "Role of Jordanian Women in Diplomacy, Since the First Centenary/ Achievements and Ambitions".

During the opening of the session, Secretary-general of the Ministry for Diplomatic and Expatriate Affairs, Ambassador Lina Al-Hadid, emphasized status enjoyed by women in Jordan based on the visions and directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, and according to royal assignment records, in support and empowerment of women in all forums and international platforms, and in various aspects of political, economic, social and military life.

Al-Hadid pointed out that the actual translation of this status can be seen through regulatory legislation and constitutional amendments aimed at enhancing women's role and contributions to development.

In turn, Director of the Center for Women's Studies, Prof. Majeda Omar, referred to Jordanian women's participation in political and public life in the past hundred years; since the establishment of the Jordanian state and before that in various fields, including diplomacy.

She added that Jordanian women are still looking forward to increasing their active participation in all fields, in a way that contributes to building a civil state, a society of efficiency and equity, and achieving the desired sustainable development.

The participants also reviewed the role of Jordanian women in various aspects of life, socially, politically, economically, and other fields, at the local and international levels. They also reviewed institutional and personal experiences, each within their field of work.

Inspector General of the Ministry, Ambassador Wasfi Ayyad, expressed his thanks to the participants, appreciating their constructive interventions that contributed to the success of this session,

The event was attended by a number of ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom, members of the diplomatic missions, and heads and representatives of international bodies and organizations.

It's worth noting that, Political Parties Law No. (7) of 2022 and the Parliamentary Election Law of 2022, is an enhancement of women’s political participation in Jordan and their empowerment, allowing women to assume leadership positions and making their representation more equitable.