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  • 05 - Jun
  • 2023

UJ Jordanian-Italian Conference Examines Horizons of Cooperation in Healthcare

​The University of Jordan (UJ) on Monday organized a Jordanian-Italian conference titled "New Horizons of Cooperation in Healthcare between Jordan and Italy".

The conference included the attendance of representatives and partners of the Medical and Experimental Bioimaging Centre (MEBIC) Interuniversity Consortium and the HUMANITAS academic consortium of various medical and health sectors in the Kingdom.

The conference aims to establish a joint cooperative project, involving the distribution of fully funded scholarships, provided by the Medical University Federation. The project’s scope focuses on the advancement of medical systems in both Jordan and Italy with the aim of establishing a basis for close cooperation between the two countries.

In his opening speech, UJ President Nathir Obeidat, explained that both countries share similar values, expressing both his appreciation and support for the initiative, which seeks to strengthen Jordan's medical education and healthcare system.

Italian Ambassador Luciano Pezzotti also expressed his support for the conference, viewing the conference as an opportunity for Jordan to establish pillars for cooperation with Italy, a country respected for its excellence in the medical field.

Pezzotti expressed his admiration for Jordan’s medical sector and noted his hope to boost Jordanian-Italian cooperation in the medical field, adding that the Italian government has always provided support and scholarships to Jordanian students to continue their studies in Italy.


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