The University of Jordan News UJ Launches Two Pioneering Master's Programs...
  • 24 - Jan
  • 2024

UJ Launches Two Pioneering Master's Programs in Public Health

​The University of Jordan (UJ) has officially opened applications for admission to two innovative master's programs: Women's Health and Health Economics and Health Policies. These programs, the first of their kind in Jordan and the broader region, are now accepting applicants for the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024.

The decision to introduce these programs stems from UJ's recognition of the pressing need to enhance healthcare services. With healthcare systems in Jordan and the Middle East facing growing demands amidst limited resources, infectious diseases, a growing elderly population, and challenges arising from medical, political, and natural crises, these programs are strategically designed to address the evolving landscape of public health.

Both programs aim to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of healthcare systems by equipping healthcare specialists with the necessary knowledge and skills in assessing health technology, health economics, and policy planning.

The Women's Health program is designed to graduate public health practitioners with advanced knowledge and awareness of various issues related to women's health. It seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of key topics, including maternal health, reproductive health, and mental health. The program encompasses a diverse range of courses contributing to making a positive impact on women's health in Jordan and the wider region.

The Master's program in Health Economics and Health Policies has been initiated to empower institutions involved in healthcare provision and shaping health policies. Targeting government agencies, healthcare services, universities, organizations, research centers, and pharmaceutical industries, this program aims to produce competent individuals capable of evaluating programs and plans in terms of their economic, social, and institutional effectiveness using a scientific approach.

The Public Health Institute at the University of Jordan (UJ) is dedicated to addressing public health challenges in Jordan and the region. Given the global impact of the COVID-19 crisis, there is an urgent need to train experts in health economics and women's health, as well as in program and health system analysis, policies, and treatments. The institute is committed to aligning educational outcomes with the labor market, elevating the standards of health, development, and research programs.

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