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  • 14 - Jan
  • 2024

UJ Establishes "Research Spotlight" on UJ's Website

​As part of innovative steps to enhance focus on scientific research and highlight research achievements, the university has launched a new section on its main website titled "Research Spotlight."

This new section aims to showcase and highlight outstanding scientific research conducted by faculty members and researchers at the university. This initiative is part of the UJ's commitment to promoting a culture of quality scientific research and knowledge exchange among members of the academic community, locally and globally.

It underscores the university's contribution to addressing urgent global challenges and advancing human knowledge, enhancing its academic and employment reputation.

The "Research Spotlight" website provides visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the research lines and qualitative results of university researchers in various fields, especially those related to sustainable development.

This initiative demonstrates the university's commitment to excellence in scientific research and the promotion of a culture of creativity and innovation.

The university encourages all faculty members and students to actively participate and submit the results of their research projects that can illuminate this new section.

The website can be accessed through the following link: