The University of Jordan News Human Rights Team Provides Legal Aid to University...
  • 17 - Jul
  • 2022

Human Rights Team Provides Legal Aid to University Students

The Human Rights Team, founded in 2021, aims to raise awareness of university students’ rights and duties, also providing free legal consultation to students.
The team consists of 22 students from the University of Jordan, 10 of who are law students, according to team organisers.
Another objective of the team is to seek conflict resolution and prevention of the many challenges faced by university students in the Kingdom, the team organisers said.
“There’s an urging need for students to have a team that can provide legal consultation for any challenge they face,” Tala Sawaeer, one of the team organisers, told The Jordan Times.
She added that due the ongoing cases of harassment that students nationwide go through, “we found an urging need to have a legal team that can provide aid for students”.
“The team is considered a safe-zone for students to reach out”, Sawaeer added.
Al Hareth Al Hattab, one of the team’s founders, said that the team has managed to aid over 30 students to obtain their rights so far.
“The aid takes many forms, awareness campaigns, legal consultation and conflict resolution with the university dean office,” Hattab said.
“The top challenge faced by university students was the increasing university tuitions,” Hattab added.
According to a survey conducted by the team, students also suffered from “wasta” (nepotism), Hattab said, adding that many students are not fully aware of their legal rights and duties.
“The right to a proper education as well as having a safe and healthy environment are students’ rights guaranteed by law,” Hattab added.
Jordan Times: Jul 16, 2022