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  • 18 - Jan
  • 2024

UJ Students Secure First Place Locally, Second Globally in "Orange Digital Center Champions" Competition

​A team of University of Jordan (UJ) students excelled in the "Orange Digital Center Champions" competition, achieving first place nationally and second place globally. The team, consisting of Baha Abu Al-Rab from the School of Engineering, Hamza Umaira, and Wissam Abdullah from the King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, and Ahmed Nasr from the School of Medicine, secured the top spot in Jordan during the initial stage of the competition.

The achievement was accompanied by substantial financial support amounting to one thousand Jordanian Dinars, enabling the team to advance to the final global competition held on the ninth and eleventh of the current month.

Organized and managed by Orange Jordan, a telecommunications company, the competition focuses on showcasing the technological prowess of young developers in Africa and the Middle East. It fosters collaboration among diverse teams, each comprising students from various universities and regions. Each team represents its university by tackling live challenges and programming problems of varying complexity on the "CodinGame" platform.

The competition featured four successive stages, with participation from 16 countries, each represented by a single team. Teams were tasked with solving approximately five programming problems within an hour, including puzzles related to artificial intelligence. The final results placed the Jordanian team in the second position, following the team from Madagascar, which claimed the top spot. The teams from Egypt and Tunisia secured the third and fourth positions, respectively.

It's noteworthy that the students' participation in this competition was endorsed and supported by the University of Jordan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (UJIEC). The center consistently identifies and supports outstanding student teams and leading entrepreneurial projects, facilitating their participation in significant local and international competitions that positively impact both the students and the university.