The University of Jordan News UJ Organizes Lecture on Managing Exam Anxiety
  • 10 - Jan
  • 2024

UJ Organizes Lecture on Managing Exam Anxiety

​As part of its series of supportive lectures for students, the School of Archaeology and Tourism at the University of Jordan (UJ) recently hosted a lecture titled "Strategies for Managing Exam Anxiety." The lecture was presented by Ghada Al-Hamad, the Director of the Student Counseling Department at the Dean of Student Affairs.

The primary objective of the lecture was to provide support, guidance, and awareness to students regarding exam anxiety. It aimed to empower them to overcome challenges while they navigate through their academic journey at the university.

Furthermore, the lecture sought to raise awareness on various issues, including strategies for coping with disabilities. Additionally, it emphasized the importance of creating a secure and less restrictive academic environment for all students within the university campus.