The University of Jordan News Symposium on "Universities and Digital Transformation"...
  • 02 - Mar
  • 2023

Symposium on "Universities and Digital Transformation" Held at UJ

​The University of Jordan (UJ) President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, stressed on Tuesday the need for universities to take advantage of best practices and innovative solutions worldwide to identify optimal ways that guarantee an educational system that is capable of achieving the desired goal, which is to create a generation of graduates that is will shaped ethically, humanly, and professionally.


He indicated during the "Universities and Digital Transformation" symposium organized by the School of Educational Sciences at the university, that digital transformation at the university campus requires building an infrastructure capable of accommodating such transformation, with a focus on preparing and training students and faculty members on leading this transformation efficiently and competently.


Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmed Hanandeh, stressed that digital transformation is no longer an option, but has become a necessity for all institutions seeking to improve their performance and ensure their continuity.


He pointed out that the rapid growth of digital technology, the development of smart systems, and the ability to process data and artificial intelligence have contributed to revolutionary changes, stressing the need to keep pace with the changes and rapid developments by investing in human resources and competencies, with an emphasis on a holistic view of education methods and a focus on what is needed in the future.


Dean of the School, Prof. Mohamed Sayel Al-Zyoud, said the symposium seeks to identify the current status of digital transformation in our universities, plans to achieve such transformation, and what have been provided and achieved nationally to accelerate and serve digital transformation at the national level and in Jordanian universities, and what areas should this transformation include and what slows down its pace at the universities level.


The symposium was attended by UJ's vice-presidents, a number of school deans, faculty and students.