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  • 14 - Sep
  • 2023

Joint International Project "PROMPT" Receives EU's Support

​A joint research project dubbed "PROMPT", in which the University of Jordan (UJ) plays a key role, and deals with "Operational Monitoring Readiness and Prediction of Marine Pollutant Transport", under the management and coordination of the University of Genoa, Italy, has received support from the European Commission (EC-UCPM-2022-PP).

The project aims to develop effective strategies and tools to combat marine pollution and protect the marine environment from potential accidents related to oil spills and hazardous chemicals. Additionally, it seeks to facilitate active communication among partners and stakeholders, encouraging the exchange of information and experiences between participating countries.

UJ is actively participating in the project as a key partner, representing Jordan within a consortium of universities and government institutions from Lebanon, Italy, Spain, and Luxembourg. Its role involves contributing to the development of mathematical models simulating the spread of oil spills and chemical substances and their dispersion processes in various coastal areas, including the Jordanian coast in the Gulf of Aqaba, reflecting its commitment to achieving sustainable development at the regional and global levels.

The project coordinators from the University of Jordan's School of Science, Dr. Riyad Mansour and Dr. Mohammad Rasheed participated in the inaugural meeting. They gave a lecture about UJ in general, the role of each partner in the project, and tasks assigned to them.

The coordinators provided a detailed overview of UJ's participation in the project, and its contribution through implementing a set of important activities aimed at achieving sustainable development and protecting the marine environment.

They also discussed the use of satellite technologies to identify and characterize leaks and large floating objects that pose a threat to the environment and navigation, they also explained that the project includes organizing workshops and seminars in all participating countries to exchange knowledge and experiences, with a focus on developing decision-making support tools to improve the response to marine pollution accidents.

It is worth mentioning that the "PROMPT" project extends over 24 months, where activities and initiatives are planned thoughtfully to achieve maximum effectiveness. It also features multiple stages, including preparation, implementation, and evaluation, with a focus on achieving sustainable development and protecting the marine environment in the region.