The University of Jordan News UJ Graduates Its 58th Cohort of Students
  • 24 - Jul
  • 2023

UJ Graduates Its 58th Cohort of Students

​The University of Jordan (UJ) on Saturday, July 22, concluded its fifty-eighth graduation ceremonies, graduating an estimated 10,236 students.

According to statistics prepared by the Admission and Registration Unit, the total number of graduates has reached 10,236 students, of whom 8,007 students completed the undergraduate requirements and 2229 students completed the requirements of postgraduate levels. Female graduates accounted for 69.33% of the total number of graduates, in both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Regarding international students, 913 students from 62 nationalities graduated, of whom 661 students have completed the bachelor’s level requirements, and 252 students have completed the postgraduate levels, constituting  a percentage of 9.92% of the total number of graduates.

UJ President, Prof. Nathir Obeidat, said in his concluding address that UJ has the right to be proud of its graduates, just as they have the right to be proud of their university, which is working hard to be at the forefront of international institutions. Adding that occupying a position among the top 500 universities in the world this year is a result of the efforts of the university's administrations, professors and affiliates, a position that will be also improved by the efforts of its graduates, whom he described as "Jordan’s envoys to the world".

In his speech, Obeidat pointed out that the students of the 58th cohort lived through the times of the pandemic, living fear, anxiety and uncertainty about the coming, stressing that with determination and persistence they overcome that difficult stage, and returned to the campus to accomplish their tasks with strength, determination and persistence.

At the end of his speech, Obeidat endorsed the students with a set of commandments, the first of which was: "Find a work you love anywhere, and do not despair if you do not start writing the first words of your story soon, as you write its letters with your thought, effort and persistence, bearing in mind that success is from Allah alone."

Obeidat urged the graduates to live their own lives, not others, and create their own stories to pass them to their children and grandchildren.

In his third commandment Obeidat said :“Do not give in to doubt, confusion, and pain, for that is nothing but noise and gossip of no value, and know that the ability to discard the limitations of fear of failure from your minds is a bless," adding that its "from disappointment and mistakes we derive strength, as life often surprises us with things that are not taken into account”

Finally he encouraged the students to be daring and take risks, adding that “life is not a straight path that begins at one point and ends at another, but rather has twists and turns that you cannot predict or control”.

During the closing ceremony, the president honoured the 99 top listed students, from all departments and schools.