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  • 03 - May
  • 2023

UJ's Center for Strategic Studies Announces Opinion Poll on Khasawneh's Government

​The University of Jordan (UJ) Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) on Tuesday announced the results of an opinion poll on the Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh's government 2.5 years after its formation.

The poll was carried out from April 25th to 29th of 2023, sampling 1,200 people over the age of 18, of which 50% were male and 50% were female, randomly selected from 150 locations across the Kingdom.

According to the survey, the majority of Jordanians believe that the government has succeeded in improving and activating the public transport system and increasing its efficiency, improving the health system and raising its readiness and capacity, developing the comprehensive health centers system, supporting military retirees and improving their living conditions, increasing the number of people covered by insurance, and cementing the rule of law.

The participants said they believe that the government has also succeeded in strengthening joint Arab action, expanding economic, trade and investment cooperation to achieve common interests, focusing on tourism, improving and diversifying the tourism product, continuing to support the armed forces and security apparatuses and providing decent livelihoods for them, and continuing support for Palestinians and protecting the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

With regards to confidence in national institutions, the study revealed that the vast majority of Jordanians gave their vote of confidence to the military and local law enforcement with 92 % of Jordanians saying that they have confidence in the Jordan Armed Forces - Arab Army and 93 % have confidence in the General Intelligence Department, while 92 % of them have confidence in the Public Security Department. Moreover, about 72 % believes that mandatory military service should be reinstated.

As for other professions, university professors were trusted by 71 % of Jordanians, while Jordanian public universities were trusted by 69 %, teachers were trusted by 69 %,  judges were trusted by 64 %, private Jordanian universities were trusted by 63 %, and private hospitals were trusted by 63 %.

On Jordanian-Palestinian ties, 88 % of Jordanians believe that Jordanian-Palestinian relations are "good to excellent" and 75 % are satisfied with Jordan's position on Israeli aggression on Palestinian territories and the Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem, describing it as "good to excellent."