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  • 03 - Sep
  • 2023

UJ Professor Participates in International Conference and Workshop at Harvard University

​Assistant Dean for Quality Assurance at the University of Jordan's (UJ) School of Business, Assistant Professor of Operations Management and Innovation, Rima Al-Hassan, participated recently in a global conference and workshop at Harvard University, USA.

Al-Hassan represented Jordan at a prominent international conference titled "Academy of Management," held in Boston from August 4th to 8th. The conference saw an impressive turnout of over 10,000 participants from around the world.

Al-Hassan presented a research paper focused on improving and managing operations within organizations. Additionally, she organized a workshop titled "Professional Development Workshop" in collaboration with researchers from Germany and Australia, featured discussions with renowned researchers from various universities in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden.

In addition, Al-Hassan took part in a workshop hosted by Harvard University primarily focused on innovative teaching methods and the use of case studies in education. It included group activities, presentations, and contributions from experienced educators, with the aim of enhancing participants' skills and academic competencies.

Al-Hassan expressed her gratitude to UJ and the School for supporting her participation in this prestigious conference. She hopes that these scientific experiences will open the door to broader international cooperation in the fields of scientific research and education.

Dean of the School of Business, Prof. Raed Masaadeh, emphasized the importance of faculty members' participation in international conferences and workshops, noting that such engagements not only benefit the development of academic staff but also contribute to enhancing the university's global reputation.